Kat (pronounced “Cut”, because she’s so sharp), has been my companion for the past thirty years. She is my deepest truest friend, and I am fortunate and blessed to be able to share this new journey with her.

A sister, a brother, a friend and a wife,
a teacher, a lover, a bringer of life.
When I’m old, and I’m tired, and I’ll have you by my side,
I’ll know, I’ve done alright.

An independent thinker who exudes authenticity and individuality, Kat has her own blog running parallel to my own. She is not here to accentuate me, but only to walk beside me and offer her own unique perspective on our shared existence. An equal in most ways, and superior in the rest, I recommend visiting her blog if you really want to know what happens during our journey.

To learn more, follow Kat at: www.rvtrailsandtails.com       

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